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Kolbe desktop design display

Kolbe Academy

I am currently designing a proprietary Student Information System tailored for an online K-12 school, enhancing the user experience in student registration, course selection, and student information. This involves creating streamlined processes for Student Registration, Course Catalog, and Course Registration.

Additionally, I develop reusable components to optimize the efficiency and scalability of the Student Information System.

  • Stack: Figma, React, Typescript, Tailwind
Visual Comfort 55 inch vertical display

Visual Comfort

Skyward logo

I worked on application development tailored for in-store displays, catering to screens ranging from 55" to 100" in size. The majority of these displays were vertically oriented touch screens, providing an immersive experience for customers as they explored product offerings and delved into detailed product information.

In addition to the customer-facing in-store display application, I also engineered a Quote application specifically designed for store employees. This Quote app serves as a robust tool enabling staff to efficiently filter, track, and manage customer quotes. Its seamless functionality streamlines the sales process, enhancing both customer service and productivity within the store.

  • Stack: Vue, Nuxt, Typescript, Tailwind, SASS
TechFabric website display


Skyward logo

I was responsible for the development of TechFabric's marketing website, bringing to life the design provided by the team. My main objective was to ensure the site's responsiveness on various screen sizes and devices.

To make it easy for TechFabric's team to manage and update content, I integrated the Prismic CMS (Content Management System). This enables them to keep the website's content fresh and up-to-date.

The end result is a robust marketing website that effectively represents TechFabric and offers a smooth, consistent experience to users, regardless of their device

  • Stack: NextJS, Tailwind, Prismic CMS
Pigeon website display


Skyward logo

I played a pivotal role in the development of key components for the Pigeon Loan marketing website, with a primary emphasis on enhancing user interactivity. Additionally, I contributed to the ongoing development and improvement efforts for Pigeon's personal loan web application.

A significant part of this project involved a thorough codebase revamp. This included the creation of reusable components, an upgrade to the CSS for enhanced visual appeal and consistency, and a substantial reduction in the overall codebase size. These efforts were undertaken to streamline the application's performance, maintainability, and scalability.

  • Stack: NextJS, Tailwind, Prismic CMS

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